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    Augsburger Herrenpils

    Brauhaus Riegele

    In 1842 the first pilsner was brewed. In Plzeñ, where this light beer was invented, few would have guessed that this beer would be the origin of our con­temp­orary lagers. This pilsner is a fine repre­sen­tative of the style, with a malt character and well balanced bitter­ness that pairs with Swedish Husmanskost.

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    Soma Session IPA

    All In Brewing

    No one can say they like beer and not have heard of an IPA. A session IPA is a particular kind of India Pale Ale – it’s not as strong but should still keep its hoppy and fruity flavour. This one is a masterpiece, since it’s got a great bouquet although the alcohol content is only 4.7 %.

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    Chimay Bleu


    Before 1995 the Swedish Systembolaget didn't allow beers stronger than 5.6 %. That’s when this Belgian Strong Ale came to Sweden. It’s a Trappist Beer, which means that it’s brewed in a monastery belonging to the Trappist order.

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    Dugges & Svenska Ölfrämjandet

    This is the 30 year anniversary ale for The Swedish Beer Association. Where Magnus holds a seat on the board. A tad biased situation, but hopefully you’ll forgive us. After all, it’s Christmas. And the beer is yummy with a distinct but balanced bitterness and touches of pine and passion fruit.

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    Ballast Point

    The calendars fifth beer has traveled from the Mexican border in the USA. It's a fine example of a West Coast IPA, a style that has further developed and modernised the traditional India Pale Ale. Enjoy with tacos our any spicy food of your choice.

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    Anything Gose


    Gose is an ancient but recently rediscovered German beer style. Coriander and sea salt provide a pleasant balance between tartness and salt. This beer was first brewed in Goslar, Germany. The town was founded in the 10th century and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • 7

    American Dream


    Next time you decide to order a “Stor Stark” (Swedish for a pint of lager) try an American Dream instead. You see, there is quiet a big difference between lagers and lagers. This one has been appointed the best lager in the world. However, it’s so fruity, fresh and bitter that it resembles and IPA.

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    You should be grateful the Abbey Notre-Dame d’Orval needed renovations back in 1931. The financing was settled through the founding of a brewery. That brewery now prides itself with one of the best beers in the world.

  • 9

    Raspberry Wheat


    Throw away your morning orange juice! Have on of these instead. No, don’t do that. It probably isn’t very healthy in the long run. However, raspberries are rich in vitamin C, which is good for you. And this fresh and moderately hopped pale ale is full of raspberries.

  • 10

    Vlaamsche Zotten Witbier

    Vlaamsche Bandiet

    Although the name is a tad mainstream and ordinary, the beer isn’t. Some crazy person has thrown loads of bitter orange and clove into his Belgian Wit, and made it absolutely wonderful. Try it with your next fish dish.

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    Bitter is a British beer that belongs to the Pale Ale style. ESB stands for Extra Special Bitter which is a brand name owned by Fuller’s Brewery in London. It’s a strong bitter due to its alcohol percentage of 5.5 %, and it was first brewed back in 1971.

  • 12

    God Lager


    This lager has nothing to do with God. In Swedish, the word god means good – a suiting adjective for this fine lager. The brewery Nils Oscar is known for quality and this beer is no exception. It’s based on special malt called Wienermalt, which is darker and makes the beer full-bodied and richer in taste.

  • 13



    This Double IPA is brewed in Belgium by Swedish brewers. Does that make it Swedish or Belgian? Who cares, right? It’s simply great with lots of hops, although it’s difficult to have a lot of these. They’re treacherous due to great taste combined with an alcohol percentage of 8,5.

  • 14

    Anchor Steam Beer

    Anchor Brewing

    Are you fond of effervescence? Then this is the beer for you! That complicated word means that this beer has lots of bubbles. It’s the result of the brewing process, which was improvised in the middle of the 19th century by brewers on the American West Coast. This beer is malty, fruity and goes well with traditional Swedish husmanskost.

  • 15

    Traquair House Ale


    This Scottish beer has a smoky tone and you should try it together with a savory meat dish. The brewery was founded in 1965, but the house has brewed beers as far back as the 18th century.

  • 16

    Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier


    Magnus believes this is the world’s best wheat beer. It’s brewed in classic southern German style and is well worth to enjoy on its own. If you want to drink it together with a bite, then go with cheese or fish.

  • 17

    Russian Imperial Stout


    It's strong. It's dark. It's rich. Stout is usually almost black in colour. This is due to the amount of roasted malt and unmalted roasted barley used in the process. Save it for a quiet time in front of the fireplace. Or perhaps better yet, why not treat yourself to a glass when Christmas is over and you can have a breather?

  • 18



    Another doppelbock, this one is from the German brewery Ayinger. If you have ever tasted the Swedish vörtbröd, you will find tones of that in this beer. Even if this style isn’t for you, the label design might convince you to try it nonetheless. There are celebrating goats on it.

  • 19

    The Purpose of IPA

    All In Brewing

    Today’s featured beer is, according to Beer Master Magnus, Sweden’s best IPA. A sip will give you hints of pineapple, pine and passion fruit. Try to find a bottle that was recently tapped – this massive IPA is better the fresher it is.

  • 20

    Jever Pilsener


    Shame! Shame on thee for not having tried this crisp, North German pilsner! It defines how a northern German pilsner should taste and every true beer enthusiast knows its name. Hurry to and get to know Jever, just the two of you or together with a meal.

  • 21

    Dead Pony Club


    The name suggests there should be an intriguing story to this beer. Disappointingly, there doesn’t seem to be. But it matters not, you see! Because the beer is great, fruity and rich in taste. Now to Systembolaget you go with haste!

  • 22

    Pilsner Urquell

    Plzeňský Prazdroj

    Please excuse the horrible rhymes yesterday. The fact that Christmas is just days away probably caused it. Anyway, this Czech pilsner is a classic, first brewed in 1842. It’s is actually the world’s first blond lager beer. Let’s honour it with a loud cheer! (Sorry, again).

  • 23

    Oude Gueuze Tilquin á l'Ancienne

    Gueuzerie Tilquin

    Back to Belgium we go. This sour Gueuze is wonderful. You will find touches of citrus, apples and straw when you give it the attention it deserves. Oh, if you want to be different and interesting on New Year’s Eve, you can serve this instead of Champagne.

  • 24

    Christmas Idjit


    It’s Christmas Eve and the last beer of our calendar. Have you tasted them all, are you mad, do you need a medical examiner? Hopefully not, however don’t stop now. This Imperial Stout your day will endow. It is dark, rich and wonderful. A true example; mighty and powerful.
    Merry Christmas.

Big Hat

The beer holidays are upon us.

Few have missed the beer renaissance of late. At Big Hat, everyone has been educated quite thoroughly in the hop arts, thanks to our colleague Magnus. He’s on the board of the Swedish Beer Association and teaches us about everything from Doppelbock to Steam Beer.

Now that Christmas is around the corner, we want to share what we know with you. Therefore we present the Big Hat Beer Calendar – a Christmas calendar with a beer a day until Christmas Eve. There’s no special theme other than all beers have been chosen by Magnus. He has tasted a beer or two during the past years and now he will share his favourites with you.


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